Townwide Fund Awards Grant to Support JWL’s Charitable Children Fund

l to r: Townwide Fund Assistant Director Debbie Knowles, JJWL Chair Genoeffa Brady, Townwide Fund Grants co-Chair Janice Whelan, JWL President Andrea Boccard, Townwide Fund Executive Director Alice Marie Rorke, JWL Secretary & VP Membership Liz Leeds, Townwide Fund co-Chair Stephanie DiNozzi, and Townwide Fund President Greg Kennedy

JWL President Andrea Boccard, JJWL Chair Genoeffa Brady, and JWL Secretary & VP of Membership Liz Leeds attended the Townwide Fund‘s Annual 2022 Harvest Night on September 29th to accept a $3,000 grant benefitting the Charitable Children’s Fund.

The Townwide Fund Board and non-profit organization grant recipients at the 2022 Harvest Night

The Townwide Fund of Huntington awarded its highest-ever amount of grants this season, supporting non-profit organization programs throughout the Town of Huntington with over $181,000 in grants. The $3,000 awarded to our Charitable Children Fund will have a tremendous impact on children throughout the Township.

JWL Members networking with the Family Service League at Harvest Night

About the Charitable Children Fund:

Charitable Children Fund was recently established as an outgrowth of one of the League’s initial core programs, the Lift Fund.  The Charitable Children Fund is a junior and more informal version of our Lift Fund but still provides necessary and immediate small-scale resources to a child or teen in time of need.

Typical applicants are children from low-income families. Charitable Children Fund requests may range from a 8-year-old needing a new pair of eyeglasses to a high school senior requesting a tux rental in order to attend his prom, to a teen seeking help with co-pays for psychiatric health services.