Join the JUNIOR Junior Welfare League of Huntington

JJWL Members participate in fulfilling volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. Gain service hours while enjoying invaluable experiences helping the community and bonding with other philanthropic young women.

A JJWL Membership Is So Much More

The JUNIOR Junior Welfare League is a charitable club for girls in grades 6-12. 
Each member is asked to contribute $25 to be put toward the JWL Youth in Philanthropy Award.

Should the donation cause financial hardship, please contact the JJWL chairperson(s).
Members are encouraged to participate in all the service opportunities the club offers, but are
required to participate in at least 3 opportunities to renew membership for the following year. 
A service opportunity will be offered at least once per month.

Each JrJWL member needs a waiver signed by her parents/guardians. 
This waiver will cover all services for the year.

The JUNIOR JWL in Action!


To inquire about the JJWL, please email JJWL Chairperson Genoeffa Brady at [email protected]


PO Box 107
Huntington, NY 11743