Our Signature Program

The Lift Fund is the Junior Welfare League’s cornerstone program.  Every month, the League receives referrals from social service workers, doctors, school officials, and clergy of all faiths identifying families or individuals experiencing unexpected financial crises that threaten their future.

The Lift Fund provides a crucial boost to these families by granting them immediate financial and/or material aid on a one-time basis.  Its intent is to nip financial ruin in the bud.

Over the years monies from this fund have help “lift” hundreds of families out of emergency situations by providing funds to pay hospital, medical, and dental bills, mortgage and rent payments, food, clothing, and utility bills, and myriad of other expenses.

In addition to the assistance offered by The Lift Fund*,  the League also ensures all applicants the utmost discretion, anonymity and respect.

Apply for a Lift

(*) The Lift fund must be processed through a third-party entity, usually a social worker or a community-based organization.  Self-directed applications can not be considered.


To inquire about a Lift Fund application, corporate donations to the Lift Fund, or any other inquiries, please email Lift Fund Chairperson Adria Dodge at [email protected].